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"In life person who help you is yourself"

Multitasking is my feature

Although I grow experience in my studies fields, I have also any other skills like:

  • Computer graphics
  • Photography
  • Mechatronics
  • Beekeeping
  • Buildings
Graphics design as a hobby

"if you will choose job which you love, you won't work any day from your life" ~ Confucius

With following my passion I taken decision to grow skill in this field of science

If I taken my and relativeses future, I need growing my knowledge over and over

If I take my last time of my learning, I have 3 fields to growing skills from absolutely novice/unconscious to beginner:

  • Beekeeping

    In 2017 I Associated in Polish Beekeepers Association and take over a my dad's apiary

  • Programming

    I had learning python language, to was apply for a job in ZF as programmer/Q and A Engineer

  • Software testing

    Closely connected with programming skill using Selenium framework

All of your life is experiment. Don't be afraid of taking mistakes.